Believe In Me

It's hard to say that you're okay,
In the midst of hurt and strife.
You seek and find and persevere,
Through every stage of life.

You wonder what the future holds,
How successful you will be.
But you often fail to tell yourself,
'I believe in me.'

You seek to find acceptance,
You conform to their new ways.
You lose hold of all your values,
And slowly drift astray.

Your passion soon becomes,
Something very hard to see.
Again you fail to tell yourself,
'I believe in me.'

You search for joy and happiness,
But somehow come up short.
You didn't seek God's will this time,
Or wait for his report.

He wanted you to ask him,
'What is it that I need?'
So simple was the answer,
'Just believe in me.'
© Amy Alamillo

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