The Battle Of The Ages

There's a battle "fiercely" raging,
For man's heart, his mind and soul.
Good and evil thoughts engaging,
In their struggle for control.

It was not so in the beginning,
Man was placed in "Eden fair",
And he had no "bent" to sinning,
Everything was "perfect" there.

But God saw that man was lonely,
With no one to share his life,
So God made his "one and only",
And presented man a wife.

And there midst lovely flowers,
That adorned fair Eden's sod.
Both would "while" away the hours,
They would walk and talk with God.

But old satan soon came calling,
With his "penchant" to deceive.
Like a serpent he was crawling,
And he "slithered" up to Eve.

And he showed to her that lovely "treat"
So pleasing to the woman"s eye,
The one that God said "not to eat",
"Or she would surely die."

But satan twisted what God said,
And Eve would soon give in,
And Adam, too, so soon was led,
Down that "dark path" of sin.

Perfection thus had vanished,
Their "innocence" was lost,
And Eden's pair was banished,
They paid a horrible cost.

This price, today, we all will pay,
Because of Adam's sin,
Lest we repent and humbly pray,
Allow the blessed Savior in.

For God sent His Son, His only one,
Redeeming human's sinful race.
Upon the cross, at dreadful cost,
He died there in our place.

Yes, even now the conflict rages,
But the "triumph" has been won,
In this battle of the ages,
The victory's in God's Son.
© Ken Hammack

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