God's delicate
stained glass perfections
Fluttering, flitting, swooping....
Never still....
Always seeking....
Looking for beauty in all of
God's world
Barbara Jenkins © 2000

Butterfly Story

An egg....is a fluffy pillow

A larva is....as soft as cotton

A caterpillar....is a fuzzy slinky

A cocoon....is a firm candy shell

A butterfly....is a luminous rainbow

A butterfly....is a fairie's pet

A butterfly....is an aureate star

A butterfly is....as mystical as a unicorn

A butterfly....is an angel on earth

A butterfly....is as elegant as a ballerina

An egg....is a fluffy pillow.
Elizabeth Sandoval © 2000

These are poems found on a beautiful website while surfing.
Elizabeth is Barbara's granddaughter.
Barbara generously granted permission for my use
of both copyrighted poems. Thank you, Barbara!

Thank you

Artwork by © William Whittaker

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