A Soldier's Thoughts

(I have never served in our armed forces so there may be those who think me presumptuous to write this,
but I have often wondered what my thoughts would be if I were on the front lines in time of war.
I thought of our present conflict and would offer my prayers for of those who are serving in this fight for our freedom.)

I paused along a dark and dusty road,
Again I sorted through the thoughts I had,
The quickening pace that we had traveled, now had slowed,
We were now one hundred miles from old Baghdad.

I had thought these thoughts a hundred times before,
I had agonized with each and every breath.
I had not bargained for this "savage" war,
But now I stared right in the face of death.

I thought about the men there at my side,
Brave men who fought so long and "gallantly."
I thought once more of all of those who died,
And wondered if the next one would be me.

And then my "wandering" thoughts turned back once more,
To my wife and children I had left at home.
Turned back again to "freedom's" shore,
Where the light of liberty had always shone.

I even thought of those who now "dissent,"
A freedom that's not found in every land.
Their anger and displeasure they can vent,
Without the fear of "tyranny's dark hand."

A right that we've protected through these years,
Both at home and on these foreign shores.
A right bought by our "blood, sweat, toil, and tears,"
Throughout our nation's many wars.

I thought about my faith in God above,
And how it's guided me thru all my life,
I thought about His mercy and His love,
And prayed He would protect me in this strife.

The order comes, "Men we must move on"!
I peer into the dark and "murky" night,
Not knowing what awaits me at the dawn,
Nor where nor when I'll have to fight.

But knowing, deep within my heart, I will,
Fight freedom's battle till my latest breath.
So all those things I love and cherish still,
Remain, e'en tho I close my eyes in death.

And if God would "deem" my life to save,
And guide me safely home again some day,
I'll thank Him for these men and women brave,
Revere the sacrifice that each has made.

For freedom "just for us" will not avail,
It is the right of all in every land,
The fight for truth and freedom will prevail,
But we must pay the price it will demand.
© Ken Hammack

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