While others languish in despair,
Engulfed in want and poverty.
Forgive me, Lord, when I don't care,
Release me from my apathy.

When in their plight I hear their cry,
Souls in woe and misery,
How could I stand so idly by,
Complacent in my apathy.

Lord, in my life, I've been so blessed,
By all the things you've done for me.
While others, Lord, are sore distressed,
Lord please forgive my apathy.

Our nation, Lord, you have endowed,
Your guiding hand has kept us free.
While others face oppression's cloud,
Remove from us our apathy.

Lord, you have loved us all so much,
You've bought our souls at Calvary.
So all may know your saving touch,
Please free your Church from apathy.
© Ken Hammack

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