Angels in Disguise

While searching for myself one day
I came around a bend
An angel said "I'll guide your way."
She said she was my friend.

"Angels here on earth," I said.
"How strange that seems to me."
She said "If you can keep a secret,
I'll tell you how I came to be."

With wild anticipation
I sat down to hear
All the mysteries of life
Given only to my ear.

She saw the child-like wonder
Shining in my eyes
And knew what she would tell me
Would be a great surprise.

"God saw you in your search for self
Alone against the wind."
It was then He told the secret.
"Walk beside her. Be her friend."

So now it all makes sense to me
The special friends that I have known
Are angels sent direct from God
So I wouldn't be alone.
(c) Bobbie Burnett
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