Anchors In The Storm
"Fearing that we would be dashed against the rocks,
they dropped four anchors from the stern
and prayed for the day"
Acts 27:29

When the storms of your life are beginning to blow,
And the treacherous shoals are starting to form,
There's a calm, sweet assurance for you just to know,
There are "steadying anchors" in the midst of the storm.

When you've toiled all night in the loud howling gale,
And your strength and resolve are beginning to sway,
Cast out these strong anchors that never will fail,
And hold on to the dawning of a bright, brand new day.

The first anchor to use is the anchor of prayer,
Just go to the Father, He sees your deep plight,
In life's darkest storms He will always be there,
To stand right beside you through the long stormy night.

The second anchor to use is the anchor of praise,
Just lift up and magnify His great Holy name,
This will lift you above the angry dark waves,
Give you light in the darkness and sunshine for rain.

The third anchor to use is the anchor of promise,
He said it, believe it, His Word will not fail.
Just trust Him, obey Him, be no "doubting thomas",
In the fiercest of storms His truth will prevail.

The last anchor to use is the anchor of passion,
The love and support of your family and friends,
Who bear you to God in "arms of compassion",
Whose care and concern for you never ends.

If on your horizon a great storm is "brewin"
And you are not sure of the "set of your sail",
If you think you are headed for shipwreck and ruin,
These anchors will hold you within any vale.
© Ken Hammack

To sing along click here for the lyrics.

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