America's Strength
("--not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,
says the Lord Almighty.)
Zechariah 4:6(b)

From whence does come our country's strength?
That has seen her through her many wars,
The force that fills the breadth and length,
Between her bright and shining shores?

What is her strength that gives her light?
When hate and tyranny assail,
That guides her through her darkest night,
That tethers her in "freedom's vale"?

What is her strength that keeps her shining?
A beacon in the world oppressed,
Extends to all that "silver lining",
Among all nations, she's most blessed.

What is her strength within the battle?
The struggle for sweet liberty,
While "warring swords and sabers" rattle,
She shows resolve to e'er stay free.

She takes great pride in her fighting forces,
And trained and ready they will be,
With unmatched skills and great resources,
They sacrifice to keep us free.

She takes great pride in her democracy.
A government for the common man,
Providing all great opportunity,
To dream their dreams in this free land.

She takes great pride in free enterprise,
That has made her the world's great economy,
If we work hard, reach for the skies,
There's no limit to what we can really be.

She takes great pride in her halls of learning,
Within them great minds have come to be,
Great minds so keen and so discerning,
That have led her in her destiny.

But America's strength is not in these things,
Though long enduring they may be,
She must seek the God who tunes her heart strings,
She will find her strength on bended knee.

She must look to God whose Spirit guides her,
She must trust His Hand to lead the way,
She must pray that He will stand beside her,
And that He will truly bless the USA.
© Ken Hammack

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