A Meeting

I hear there's a meeting
At the town hall tonight.
Some fussing and some fuming
But did I hear it right?

"Too many of 'those people'
Moving to our town
Filling up our schools
And pulling us down."

Yes, that's it. I heard it right.
'Those people' loud and clear
Two separate camps of 'us and 'them'
This can't be good, I fear.

It gives me chills when people say
"You're different, you must go."
As if our very differences
Should turn us into foes.

I think God must be crying
For our narrow little minds.
For surely it was He
Who made us different kinds.

Narrowed eyes and narrowed minds
All spoiling for a fight.
I hear there's a meeting
At the town hall tonight.
(c) Bobbie Burnett
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