Alphabetical List Of All Pages
Updated March 2015

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A Bend In The Road
A Carrot, An Egg Or Coffee Bean
A Child's Kiss
A Child's Prayer
A Christmas Alphabet
A Christmas Poem
A Christmas Prayer
A Christmas Story
A Creed To Live By
A Dad Knows
A Dear To The Heart
A Driving Lesson
A Father's Prayer
A Friendly Smile
A Gift Of Love
A Gift Of Love - God's Christmas Gift To All
A Guy Named Bill - A Living Bible
A Harvest Moon
A Hidden Place
A Hiding Place
A Legendary Love Story
A Letter To You From Satan
A Little Honey
A Living Hope
A Mathematical Miracle
A Meeting
A Menu For Bobbie Burnett Poetry
A Menu For Butterflies I
A Menu For Christmas Messages
A Menu For Considerations
A Menu For Contemplations
A Menu For Heartwarming Accounts
A Menu For Enjoyables
A Menu For Impressions
A Menu For Inspirations
A Menu For Keepsakes
A Menu For Ken Hammack - A Memorial
A Menu For More Prayers
A Menu For Mostly About pk
A Menu For Mostly For Family
A Menu For Mostly For Friends
A Menu For Mostly For Fun
A Menu For Mostly For Men
A Menu For Mostly For Women
A Menu For Mostly For Young Folks
A Menu For Motivations
A Menu For Patriotic Messages
A Menu For Perceptions
A Menu For Poems
A Menu For Poetry
A Menu For Ponderables
A Menu For Ponderables II
A Menu For Prayers
A Menu For Reflections
A Menu For Reginal Tidwell Poetry
A Menu For Relatables
A Menu For Revelations
A Menu For Scripture Pages
A Menu For Stories
A Menu For The Gazebo
A Menu For Treasures
A Menu For Valuables
A Menu For Verses
A Montage Of Quotables
A Mother's Love
A Mother's Walk
A Mountain Path
A Parent's Prayer
A Perfect Heart
A Perfect Mistake
A Place For Me
A Place Of Solitude
A Prayer
A Prayer For Patience
A Prayer For Peace
A Prayer For A Blessed Day
A Prayer For The Workforce
A Prayer For You
A Recipe For Happiness
A Respite For A Busy Life
A Secret Place
A Shopping Trip
A Simple Hug
A Simple Task
A Sister
A Soldier's Christmas Poem...
A Soldier's Thoughts
A Soldier's View Of War
A Special Gift
A Spider's Web
A Story - One Woman Who Survived
A Sweet Sensation
A Transparent Life
A Tribute To The Bible
A True Father
A Whisper Away
A Witness
Acting Resume`
Adam's Apples
All I Can Do Is Ask
All You Have To Do
Always Say A Prayer - A.S.A.P.
Always There
Am I Worthy?
America, Why I Love Her
America's Strength
An Alphabet Of Christmas
An Audience Of One
An Everyday Survival Kit
An Old Lady's Poem
An Uplifting Tale
Anchors In The Storm
And A Meadowlark Sang
And God Said
Angels In Disguise
Angels, Once In A While
Another Woman
Answered Prayer
Are You A Reason, A Season, Or A Lifetime
Are You B U S Y?
Are You Listening?
Are You Safe Online?
Asking For Guidance
Away In A Manger (revisited)

Back To Jesus Alone
Bag Of Nails
Be A Butterfly
Beatitudes For The Home
Beauty For Ashes
Beauty Of A Woman
Because Of Who You Are
Before You Can Dry Another's Tears, You Too Must Weep
Believe In Me
Bible Vitamins That Work!
Big Rocks
Billy Graham
Birds, Bees, And Pretty Butterflies
Blessed Are We
Bobbie Burnett Poetry I
Bobbie Burnett Poetry II
Bobbie Burnett Poetry III
Born Again - Theme Of pk's CyberHome
Born Again II
Brother, You Are The Best
Brownie Crumbs
Butterflies, A Poem
Butterfly Dreams
Butterfly Kisses
Butterfly Poems I
Butterfly Poems II
Butterfly Poems III
Butterfly Whispers
By A Child's Example

Caller ID
Carl's Garden
Changing The World
Cherish Today
Christian ABCs
Christmas Is Coming
Christmas Is For Love
Christmas Love
Christmas Love 2004
Christmas Messages
Christmas Spirit
Christmas Thoughts
Come Follow Me
Coming Home
Compassion Returned A Hundred Fold
Computer Test
Cool Women
Courage And Love

Dad's Brownies
Daily Reminder
Dear God
Dearest Grandchild
Deck Of Cards
Declarations Of Love
Decorating For Christmas
Dedicated To My Brother
Dedicated To My Father
Dedicated To My Husband Butch
Dedicated To My Husband Darrell
Dedicated To My Mother
Diary Of A Bible
Directions To His House
Do Not Be Anxious
Do You Believe In Easter?
Do You Want A Donut?
Domestic Violence Information
Don't Ever...
Don't Feel Sorry For The Abuser
Don't Forget! Say "Thank You"
Don't Laugh At Me
Don't Wait Too Long
Doves In The Morning
Drinkin' From My Saucer

Eagles' Wings
Ears That Hear
Ecclesiastes 3: 1-9 - A Time For Everything
Eight Gifts
Emergency Phone Numbers
Every Woman Should Have...
Everything Happens For A Reason
Exercise In Snow
Exodus 20: 3-17 - The Ten Commandments

Facts on Domestic Violence
Familiar Doors
Fathers Are Wonderful People
Find The Goodness
Finding Jesus In My Heart
Fire In Mexican Hat
First Corinthians 13 - The Love Chapter
Five Finger Prayer
Five More Minutes
Five Ways God Uses Problems
Five Ways To Have A More Joyful Christmas
For My Beautiful Daughter
For The Abused
Forever Friend - Dedicated To A Great Lady
Forever Friends
Freedom's Price
Friendship Is Different

Gifts More Precious Than Gold
Give Christmas Back To Jesus
Giving...What Does It Really Mean?
God Always Answers Prayer
God Bless The USA
God Doesn't Grade Upon The Curve
God Doesn't Have Voice Mail
God Has Come Nigh
God Is The Answer
God Knows Best
God Said, No
God Says...
God's Butterfly
God's Butterfly II
God's Butterfly III
God's Embroidery
God's Greatest Work Of Art
God's Pennies
God's Unchanging Hand
God's Under The Bed
Good Corn
Good Dog
Good For The Soul
Goodnight Mr. Blue
Grabbing A Rescue Line
Grandma's Cakes
Gulls And Geese

Harvest Time
Have You Forgotten?
He Is
He Was One Of Us
Heaven's Entrance Exam
Hell Is Real
Hello God
His Final Prayer Was About You
His Healing Hands
Hold On
Holding Hands
Holy Ground
Home - pk's Welcome Page
Homeward Bound
Hope Out Of Despair
How Do I Love You?
How Is Your Time Account?
How Much Does A Miracle Cost?
How Much Is One Hour Worth?
HowTo Get Along With People

I Am A Christian
I Am A Soldier
I Am An American
I Am Blessed Indeed
I Am Like A Sparrow
I Am Persuaded
I Am The New Year
I Asked The Lord
I Believe...
I Choose
I Hope You Dance
I Knew You Would Come
I Know...
I Know Something Good About You
I Meet God In The Morning
I Prayed, "God Bless America"
I Remember Papa
I Threw It Out
I Wish You Enough
I Won't - Ever
If For Boys
If For Girls
If God Should Speak...
If I Had My Life To Live Over
If I Had But One More Tomorrow
If Jesus Came To Your House
If Tomorrow Never Comes
I'll Not Go Gracefully
I'm Not Scrooge...I'm Just Broke
Important Recall
Important Work
In Favor Of Old-Fashioned Grandmothers
In God We Still Trust
In Loving Memory
In My Adobe Hacienda
In The Spirit Of Christmas
In The Stairwell
Information Please
Instructions For Life
Invitation To A Birthday Party
Is Your Happiness On Hold?
Is Your Hut Burning?
It Is Christmas
It Only Takes A Moment
It's A Wonderful World
It's Almost Jesus' Birthday
It's Friendship
It's In The Valleys I Grow
It's Worth It All
I've Always Loved You Best Because...

Jelly Bean Prayer
Jeremy's Egg
Jesus Is Better Than Santa Claus
Jesus Is The Reason For The Season
Jesus Shed A Tear
Jewels For The Journey
Jigsaw Puzzle
John 3:16 - The Gospel In A Single Verse
Journey To The Sky
Just Inside Of Heaven's Gate
Just One Day

Keep Your Fork
Keep Looking Up
Keeping Christmas
Ken Hammack Poetry
Ken Hammack PoetryII
Ken Hammack Poetry III
Ken Hammack Poetry IV
Ken Hammack Poetry V

Lessons To Learn Today
Learn To Fly, Like A Butterfly
Leaving The City Of Regret
Legacies Left Behind
Legend Of The Butterfly
Lessons Of Love
Let Us Pray
Let's Not Soon Forget
Letter From A Friend
Letter From A Soldier's Wife
Letter From Hell
Letter To Santa
Letting Go Of Resentments
Life Is . . .
Life Is Like A Garden
Life's Tug Of War
Lightning Bugs
Little Hands
Little Shoes
Little Things
Live Life Today
Living For A Legacy
Living With Imperfection
Lord, Thank You
Lord, Thank You For Miracles
Lost And Found
Love Came Down At Christmas
Love Can Build A Bridge
Love Is...
Love Is A Grandparent
Love, Success And Wealth
Loving Flowers And Special Memories
Luke 2: 1-20 - The Birth Of Christ

Main Page - A Page For pk's Main Links!
Maddie's Miracle
Make Everyday Like Christmas
Make It Last
Matthew 5: 1-12 - Jesus Gives The Beatitudes
Matthew 6: 9-13 - The Lord's Prayer
May You Know
Merry Christmas 2000
Merry Christmas 2001
Merry Christmas 2002
Merry Christmas 2003
Merry Christmas 2004
Merry Christmas 2005
Merry Christmas 2006
Merry Christmas 2007
Merry Christmas 2008
Merry Christmas 2009
Merry Christmas 2010
Merry Christmas 2011
Merry Christmas Anyway
Miscellaneous Junk
Missing Something Or Missing Him . . .
Mom's Night Before Christmas
More New Year's Resolutions
More Than A Tithe
Moving Day
Mud Puddles And Dandelions
My Appointment With Santa
My Baby Boy And Me
My Beloved
My Butterfly
My Childhoodhome
My Children
My Christmas Email
My Christmas Prayer
My Darlin'
My Day In Court
My First Christmas In Heaven
My Friend Once Killed A Snake For Me
My Friends
My Last Tract
My Legacy
My Mother
My Mother Talks To God
My Name Is Misty
My Name Is Old Glory - I Am The Flag
My Race
My Son
My Special List
My Tapestry - The Quilt Of Life
My Unfailing Friend
My Valentine
My Wonderful Grandma
MyLinks - An Outline Of All Pages

New Beginnings
New Ideas
New Year's Resolutions
No Answer & Standing In The Light
No Charge
No Jacket Required
No Other Country
No Shortcuts
No Time

Ode To The Carols
Of Butterflies And Humans
Oh, The Wonder
Old Jim And Jesus
On Life - A Poem
On The Physical Death of Jesus Christ
On The Wings Of A Butterfly
On The Wings Of Prayer
One Last Drive
One Of A Kind
One Teacher's Prayer
Only A Man
Our Greatest Gift
Our Wedding
Our Year Together

Parable Of The Butterfly
Parking In The Center Of The Garage
Passion For Flying
Patriotic Messages
Pedaling The Road Of Life
Photos Of pk's Angels
pk A La Mode
pk's Angels
pk's Awards
pk's Guestbooks
Pledge Of Allegiance
Ponderables - Good Suggestions
Pray For Others
Prayer ... A Phone Call To God
Prayer For The Nation
Praying For Your Children - A Daily Guide
Praying Hands - The Story Behind The Picture
Priceless Gift
Prints Of Elbows On My Bed
Proverbs 31: 10-31 A Wife Of Noble Character
Psalm 100 - A Psalm of Praise
Psalm 23 - A Psalm Of David
Psalm 27 - My Light And My Salvation
Psalm 67 - A Song Of Harvest

Questions That WILL Be Asked
Quiet Time
Quotes About Domestic Violence
Quotes On Daily Living
Quotes On Faith
Quotes On Family
Quotes On Friends
Quotes On Friends II
Quotes On Friendship
Quotes On Happiness
Quotes On Learning
Quotes On Life
Quotes On Love
Quotes On Quotes
Quotes On Thoughts
Quotes On Wisdom

Rainbows In The Sky
Ready Or Not
Red Marbles
Red Skelton On The Pledge Of Allegiance
Reflections Of 2001
Reflections On Whirling
Religion Or Jesus
Remember My Name
Remember, Right Now...
Resurrection Cookies
Roses And Thorns
Roses For You

Santa's Prayer
Seasons Meetings
Seasons Of Love
Setting Goals
Seven Ups
Seven Wonders Of The World
Shake It Off And Step Up
Shame On You American-Hating Liberals
Shine On
Simple? Yes It Is!
Slow Dance - Don't Dance So Fast
Slow-Down Therapy
Soar Like Eagles
Something For Stevie
Something Sunny
Soul Food
Special Butterfly
Spirit Of Hope
Spirit Within
Spring Is Coming
Start Over
Still He Walked
Stress Reducers
Sunlight Is Your Name
Sunshine And Music
Sweet Reunions
Symbols Of Christmas

Table For Two
Take Jesus With Us
Ten Steps To A Blessed Day
Thank You For Being My Friend
Thank You Dear God For Christmas
Thankful For The Thorns
Thankful Prayer
Thanksgiving Prayer
That's God
That's What Friends Are For
The 12 Days Of Christmas
The Affection Of Love
The Best Day Of My Life
The Battle Of The Ages
The Best Teacher
The Bible In 50 Words
The Bible Or TV Guide
The Bird Cage
The Blood
The Breath Of God
The Butterfly's Day
The Call At Midnight - Are You Listening?
The Call Of The Barnyard
The Chrysalis - A Butterfly Story
The Class Of Fifty-Nine
The Cold Within
The "Come On In Cafe"
The Cost Of Kids
The Daffodil Principle
The Dash Between My Dates
The Day I Met Daniel
The Deed
The Difference
The Dime
The Doll And A White Rose
The Dress
The Duck
The Ember
The Empty Chair
The Entertainers
The Fate Of Sandcastles
The Flying "V"
The Gift
The Gift Of The Magi
The Gold Slippers
The Gossiper
The Guy In The Glass
The Hairbrush
The Hand Of God
The Holiday Blues And Jesus
The Importance Of Family
The Last Time I Saw You
The Law Of Life
The Lesson
The Lift Of Love
The Lights Of Christmas
The Living Years
The Man Of God
The Meaning Of Life
The Meaning Of The Snowman
The Miracle Of Christmas
The Mirror
The Mirror Of Friendship
The Most Important Prayer
The Mountain Climber
The New Day
The Old Grandfather's Table
The One I Love
The Onion
The Perfect Gift
The Potter And The Clay
The Power Of Prayer
The Praying Hands - A Poem
The Present
The Prodigal Father
The Quest For Freedom
The Real Thing
The Reason For The Season
The Reason For The Season II
The Rhetoric Of Rationalizing
The Rich Merchant
The Room
The Sacrifice Of Praise
The Sandpiper
The Savior's Words
The Scars
The Scientist
The Sculptor's Attitude
The Seasons Of My Life
The Secret
The Shoes
The Silversmith
The Smell Of Rain
The Spider And The Bug
The Story Of Soul
The Story Of The Christmas Guest
The Story Of TAPS
The Story Of The Candy Cane
The Strength Of A Man
The Stuff Of Life
The Tablecloth
The Target
The Test
The Time Of My Life
The Touch Of The Master's Hand
The Trouble Tree
The 23rd Psalm Explained
The Unfolding Of A Rose
The Visitor
The Weathered Old Barn
The Wings Of A Butterfly
The Worst Way To Say Goodbye
Then Fly, My Friend
There Is He
They Ran Through The Rain Believing
This Too Shall Pass Away
Three Trees
Through Eyes Of Faith
Thru The Ashes
Time Marches On
To Let Go
To My Child - Just For This Day
To My Online Friends
To Whom It May Concern
Today I Taught My Child
Today's Prayer
Tommy's Last Request
True Friendship
True Love
True Love Waits
Twas The Night Before Jesus Came
Twenty Dollar Bill
Two Babies
Two Boxes
Two Thousand One, Nine Eleven
Two Walks

Unclaimed Inheritance
USS John F Kennedy Enters The War

Visiting Day

Wake Up Call
Walk A Little Plainer, Daddy
Warning Signs Of An Abusive Personality
We Must Not Forget
Weekly "To Do" List
We're Different This Year
What About Abstinence
What Are You Investing?
What Child Is This?
What Gift Will I Bring Him?
What Do You Fear To Hear?
What If Things Were Different?
What If?
What Is A Grandma?
What Is A Grandpa?
What Is An American?
What Is Grace?
What Is Heaven Like?
What Is Love?
What Sisters Are All About
What Then?
What Makes Life 100%?
What Was The Question?
What Would Jesus Do?
When Children Learn
When Do We Need Revival?
When God Created Fathers
When God Created Mothers
When I Say
When Jesus Looks
When Jesus Is In The House
When Love Prevails
When Will The Violence End?
When You Love Someone
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking
Where Did All The Water Come From?
Where Was God?
Whisper Jesus
Whispers Of A Child's Love
Whiter Than Snow
Who Are You?
Who Took Your Whipping?
Who I Am Makes A Difference!
Who'll Take The Son?
Whose Hands?
Why Am I So Blessed?
Why God Created Women
Why Johnny Lingo Paid Eight Cows For His Wife
Will The Christ Child Come?
Wilma's Bag
Windshield Wipers - Lesson From A Child
Wings And A Prayer - A Mother's Day Prayer
With Your Help
Words Of Love
Would You Consider?

Year Long Gifts
Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus
Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow
You And Me
You Are Loved
You Are My Sunshine
You Got Another One, Joey!
Young At Heart
Your Stockings Have Holes

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