All I Can Do Is Ask

I created you for My pleasure,
That you and I, might have companionship.
I provided for you, beyond measure,
Even gave you, your own relationship.

I created the heavens and the earth,
And all of those things therein.
But, none of that has any worth,
If you and I, are not friends.

I could sigh, and the stars would fall,
The sun and moon, I could flick away.
Or, freeze the sun, like a snowball,
Or, with moonlight, burn deserts into clay.

Planets, I can rearrange in the universe,
Subtract from, or add twice as many.
Those that are last, I can put first,
Or, if I want, not have any.

With a single seed, of an apple core,
I could fill, all the seas up.
Or, take all the sand, from the sea's shores,
And put it all, into a single teacup.

I could command the rocks and trees,
To worship Me, and they would obey.
I could have all the mountains and valleys,
To rule over, the night and day.

And all of the continents in the world,
I can pull together, just for fun.
And every man, woman, boy and girl,
With one breath, put back into one.

I can move time back, or ahead,
Or, if I choose, cause time to stand still.
I can put life, back into the dead,
And all the sick and lame, I can heal.

But, one thing, I have already done,
I took My life, from My own side.
And dwelt with men, as My son,
Who, lives as the Father, though He died.

But, in all of these things, I can do,
There's one thing, that makes Me grieve.
Because of choice, it is only you,
That can take your love, from Me.

I have loved you, from the very start,
And by My Word, I have told you so.
But, if you leave, you will break My heart,
And, all I can do, is ask, please, don't go.
© Reginal R. Tidwell
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