A Hiding Place

"Each will be like a refuge from
the wind, a shelter from the storm
like streams of water in a dry
country, like the shade of a huge
rock in a parched land."

Isaiah 32:2

"God is our refuge and strength and
strength, a very present help in trouble."

Psalm 46:1

God is my refuge in the "warring",
In all of life's battles that I face.
Within His arms, my soul, He is restoring,
In Christ I find a blessed hiding place.

God is my refuge when within the "gale",
Uncertain winds around me fiercely blow.
His words of peace and comfort will prevail,
To this precious hiding place I'll quickly go.

God is my refuge when the "tempest" rages,
When the angry storm my battered soul assails,
I will rest secure within "The Rock Of Ages".
A wondrous hiding place within this "veil".

God is my refuge so enduring,
A present help to me in times of strife.
An anchor that's so strong and reassuring,
An awesome hiding place within my life.

God is my refuge in the "desert places",
While walking o'er the dry, hot shifting sand,
My "weariness" His power and strength replaces,
A hiding place within a "thirsty" land.

In a world, today, that's very quickly changing,
A world that swiftly moves at "frightening" pace,
Perhaps the way you live needs rearranging,
You need to find this joyous hiding place.
© Ken Hammack

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