When life becomes burdened with worry and woe,
When your body is wracked with pain,
There's so much assurance just to know,
There is always a rainbow after the rain.

When the path that you travel is steep and rough,
And angry the waves upon which you are borne,
To understand this gives courage enough,
There is always sweet calmness after the storm.

When heavy the weight of the midnight hour,
And, troubled, your soul yearns for the light,
It's sweet just to know by God's grace and His power,
There is always the dawn after the night.

When friends all forsake you and you're on your own,
And you think that there's no one who cares,
Just fall on your knees before God's great white throne,
There is always an answer after your prayers.

When you suffer the loss of one that you love,
When you can't face another tomorrow,
Just trust in the Christ who will lift you above,
There is always deep peace after each sorrow.

When strength starts to falter and it's hard to believe,
When your faith seems to be running out,
Just yield to His Spirit, it's fullness receive,
There is always assurance after each doubt.

When you think that you've given all that you can,
When you think hard and heavy's your cross,
Trust in the One who has hold of your hand,
There is always great gain after much loss.

When the tests that you face bring you down to your knees,
As you travel each long weary mile,
Believe in the Truth which each trusting soul frees,
There is always new strength after each trial.

When your life is through and the prize has been won,
For the deeds and the life you have given,
At the setting of sun may you hear said "well done",
After this life there is heaven.
© Ken Hammack

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