A Child's Kiss

I sat amongst the people,
A sheep within the herd,
Waiting for the preacher
To deliver up the Word.
But first he called the children
And prayed with them as one
And they scurried off to Sunday School
the moment he was done.

And then we saw a picture
I know I'll not forget
As the preacher's little daughter
Threw her arms around his neck.
She kissed him many, many times.
Adoringly she clung.
I realized in that moment
That the message had begun.

God didn't need our schedule,
An agenda or a list.
He showed us each a million things
Within a child's kiss.
The preacher wasn't hurried.
His demeanor wasn't rushed.
He loved his little child
And the congregation hushed.

His tender little daughter
Had forgotten we were there
Adoration for her father
Was her one and only care.
It was just a fleeting moment
But it hung there just the same
She looked so very tiny
Hanging on this grown man's frame.

No sermon could have said it,
No song could capture this.
I learned about my Father's love
In a little child's kiss.
God wants me to come running.
He wants to pull me in.
The love He gives outweighs the thoughts
Of work and time and sin.

I so adore my Father.
We're not meant to be apart.
He shines His light all over
My transparent, needy heart.
No matter that I'm feeble.
No matter what they say.
I feel the warmth of all His love
When I bow my head to pray.

I'm just a little child.
My Father's love is huge.
He saves me each and every day
and offers me refuge.
He loves me in my weakness.
He loves me in my strife.
I cling to Him for comfort
and I cling to Him for life.
© Karla Mercaldo

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