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If I can make you feel welcome, I have done my job!

Dear Lord,

Please bless the one who has entered here
and is reading this right now.
Lord, show them a new revelation of Your love and power.
May each of them find peace in You.
I pray that each one will receive Your blessings
and will be touched by visiting this site.
Please guide and protect them as they leave
and be with them in their daily activities.
I ask these things in the name of Jesus
Loving prayers, pk

Who knows what level surprises your package of life holds - open with delight.  Kathryn Major

God Bless America!

Please take a moment to pray for the
families of the victims of terrorist acts around the world
Also, please pray for our President, leaders and military personnel.
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Often I find myself trying to remember the lyrics
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I hope you enjoy having this feature available.

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Show me the way, not to fortune and fame,
Not how to win laurels or praise for my name.
But Show Me The Way to spread "The Great Story"
That "Thine is The Kingdom and Power and Glory."
Helen Steiner Rice

Hope in God, because He always proves faithful.

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Come fly with me

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It is not hardening of the arteries that makes one old --- it is hardening of the heart.

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Responsibility is the other side of privilege.

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